Inside Althaea

We are a small family business located in Anatoli; a traditional settlement in South Eastern Crete. We cultivate a small land at about 650m altitude with endemic plants of Crete in an organic and bio-dynamic way.

We offer you meticulously crafted, authentic products of reserved quantities for well-being. This is why do everything ourselves; from collecting the raw sources from our land, to the design and production οf everything “ALTHAEA”. 


 The surrounding area consists of streams, various volumes of boulders, with dispersed groves of olive and sweet almond trees. The the rest of the land is dominated by endemic species of herbs, pines, oaks and cypresses.



We cultivate organically, in a multi-cutural bio-dynamic way where the olive trees coexist with sweet almond trees, apricot trees among others, herbs and flowers. 



Over the years we have collected various species of endemic plants of Crete and we cultivate them In our physic garden. In this way we can study them and aid their preservation in their natural habitat.



The high altitude, long periods of sunshine, semi arid soils combined with scientific knowledge and years of experience, result to some of the best botanical ingredients available.


With great diligence we hand pick at the right time the right part of the plant and we mildly process them.  


In the same garden we keep bee colonies where we obtain our own honey, bee wax and propolis. Several of the colonies are kept in the traditional way in clay pots, that date back to the Minoan age of beekeeping. 


It takes our expertise, the highest quality, own derived ingredients, and our care for our artisan craft to create reserved quantities of hand made products. Authentic products that are crafted with an uncompromising promise for a healthy well being.


You can pay us a visit when you pass from Anatoli Settlement in South Eastern Crete where you can discover more about us and experience more natural products in our shop.