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Organic olive oil

Organic olive oil

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A fine example of organic, extra virgin olive oil with excellent characteristics and organoleptic properties. Only a reserved number of bottles are produced each year. Every bottle is numbered by hand and is carefully placed in a box to protect it from direct light.
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Key features

For 2022 we harvested our oil from olives that were between the middle to late stages of ripening. At 650m altitude of our olive groves this process takes place around December - January. Although an earlier harvest in October or November would have resulted in more extreme lower acidity, for our start we aimed for a more balanced olive oil to satisfy our customers taste. As such our olive oil combines high levels of pleasant fruitiness and soft bitterness. Most important, our cultivation and harvesting methods result to very low levels of Peroxides, K232 and K270 values, which describe better a quality olive oil and its diligent cultivation practices. Lower values indicate lower susceptibility to oil oxidization during time.

What's included

* 500 ml glass bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil wrapped in a tissue paper and placed in a refined paper box
* Leaflet about Althaea’s practices
* A culinary suggestion from South Eastern Crete. Understanding that your time is precious, every suggestion is carefully selected in order to be prepared in approximately 10 to 15 minutes

Suggestions for use

* Origin: Anatoli, Crete
* Cultivation: Organic
* Variety: Monovarietal Koroneiki
* Harvest: by hand
* Extraction: cold extraction, unfiltered
* Acidity: (during bottling) 0.21
* DK: 0.000 K232: 1.50 K270: 0.110
*Peroxides: 6.5mEqO2/kg Polyphenols: 298mg/kg