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A diligently handmade soap rested for a year, based in herb infused extra virgin olive oil, almond oil, propolis and natural beeswax. It combines traditional craftsmanship of cold process and a premium blend of natural ingredients for a truly natural cleansing and soothing.

Its natural delicate synthesis is suitable for sensitive and dry skin while being ideal for newborns and babies. It gently cleanses and treats the skin. The rich blend of pure oils, beeswax and herbal extracts, create a creamy micro-lather with mild antiseptic properties providing skin hygiene and leaving it ready for treatment.

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Key features

We use the distilled water that's remaining of a two-circle essential oil distillation. Not only is highly aromatic but we also ensure that we have minimal raw source wasted in our production.

What's included

~150gr of bar soap

Suggestions for use

The soap produces a dense micro-foam. Massage gently your skin and let it act. After use please leave the soap in a surface that can dry from water.