Organic Skincare


Reserved skincare precisely formulated to work in synergy with skin's own mechanisms of nourishment and reconstruction. A precious blend of pure non-refined sweet almond, walnut and olive oils with unique herbal extracts and substances. Its nourishment properties are result of a very high concentration of the active herbal ingredients extracted mostly from endemic plants of the island of Crete.


From our garden to our laboratory



Every Althaea cream is crafted in our highest quality standards. Staying true to the Althaea philosophy of Metron & Techne, we produce our own essential oils and extracts from selected herbs and plants. They have grown in the wild or organically cultivated in a highly biodiversified environment, that is the same we produce our olive oil.

Our botanical extracts are produced from herbs and plants that are processed within the same day they have been collected. It results to highly fresh active ingredients maintaining their true natural aromas. Our creams are the result of the special combination of the aforementioned high quality ingredients. Their synergetic action and their exceptional scent which is the result of locally extracted essential oils can be experienced immediately when you apply it on the skin. 



Every herb is carefully selected by hand at a specifically exact time. We only collect the sprouts of a plant, as they concentrate a high amount of active substances and intense aromas that aid the natural reconstruction of the skin. It is a diligent activity carried solely by us. It demands devotion and time, yet it is the only way to offer you a truly authentic product. 


althaea herb collection


Althaea’s skincare are crafted using up to date scientific knowledge as well as traditional practices for nourishing and replenishing the skin, that withstand the test of time. Years of experience in herbs and their biology helped us design effective mixtures that are formulated to act as the Mediterranean diet for your skin: a special blend of the finest nutrients for an exceptional nourishment of your skin.  We only produce them in small batches so as to be as fresh as possible when reaching to you. Every cream is individually inspected and signed by hand.


althaea process

althaea natural skinacre